Retirement Planning

INSCOR strategies use investment grade, tax advantages insurance products that allow people to profit from market gains while not exposing their assets to market losses and eliminating taxes on growth & retirement income.

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Plans for Corporations & Municipalities

INSCOR’s other post employment benefits (OPEB) plans for corporations & municipalities are viable solutions to providing significant cash flows to fund OPEB liabilities and require little or no increases in out-of-pocket expenditures.

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Estate Planning

INSCOR's Financed Insuranced Trust (FIT) plans can protect 100% of your wealth and preserve it for transfer to future generations while accumulating large cash values with little or no out-of-pocket expenditures.

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INSCOR's life insurance plans are structured specifically to:

  • Create greater cash accumulation
  • Produce greater cash flow streams
  • Use outside capital to match the funds that you contribute into the plan (doubles the cash accumulation and retirement income)
  • Eliminate the risk of loss from market declines

INSCOR offers a new approach expanded from proven strategies for corporations, municipalities and high net worth individuals.

Contact INSCOR today to find out more about our cost effective and efficient solutions for creating and protecting assets and future cash flows.